What Makes Us

Every Kind of Folk

The foundation of any CrossFit gym starts with the people and is built on community. At CrossFit Salt de Terre, a supportive group of coaches and peers will help you along your journey to becoming faster and stronger. We will be there to celebrate your triumphs, and help you through your setbacks.

CrossFit with a Conscience

Giving back. CrossFit Salt de Terre aims to give back to the Jacksonville community inside and outside the gym. Members are invited to participate in quarterly give back events for a variety of causes.

CrossFit Mythbusting

No Feat Too Big or Too Small

Whether you participate at causal or competitive level, CFSDT’s focus is on safe, fun CrossFit. No feat is too big or too small. We are serious about honing good form and technique, but also know when to kick things up a notch.

Meet the Team

Amy Saltmarsh

Owner / CrossFit Coach

Amy began CrossFitting in college, when she transitioned from soccer and needed something to satisfy her competitive athletic spirit. She and a few friends would meet on the quad with whatever semblance of equipment they could pull together and attempt to perform the main site WODs. It was as grassroots as it comes and she loved it. Amy has been coaching since 2010 and holds her L1, L2, Kids CF certs as well her L1 and L2 USAW Lifting certs. She should finish her L3 CF cert this summer. Amy is a barbell biased CrossFitter but also enjoys a good cardio WOD. She proudly sports the nickname, “Mighty Slug.”

Amy started CFSDT because while she believes in the intensity and competitive nature of CrossFit, she also believes that there is a better, safer, more sustainable way to coach and train. CFSDT cultivates an environment in which athletes with varying skills and abilities can co-mingle and push each other to be the best version of themselves.


Shea Quinn

CrossFit Coach

Shea first tried CrossFit in 2008, as a means to supplement his triathlon training. He joined his first box in 2009, while he was stationed in Portsmouth, NH. After joining, he discovered he had many more weaknesses than strengths, including strength itself (Fun fact: when Shea started CF, he could not overhead squat a PVC pipe) and has been CrossFitting ever since, ever striving to perfect his form and maximize strength gains. Shea is fascinated by all things mobility and loves helping athletes with aches, pains and/or movement limitations. Shea holds his CF Level II and his Movement and Mobility Cert. When he’s not at the gym, he can be found flying copters with the Coast Guard.


Annie McCormick

Yoga Instructor

Annie found yoga in high school, when she was running seven days a week and wound up with a fractured hip. It was then that she decided to expand her fitness routine and tried a local hot yoga class. 45 sweaty minutes later, she was hooked. Annie holds her Power Vinyasa Yoga Certification and is also TRX certified. Her classes are athlete-centric and intended to compliment the CFSDT programming.


Mike Esposito

Weight Lifting Coach

Mike discovered his love for weightlifting during high school, when he realized that to be a good lifter, one must be not only strong but more importantly explosive, technically proficient, driven. Heavy weights don’t move themselves. The sport left him enthralled and the weight room became his escape, his place of peace. Mike’s weightlifting journey has led him to train and compete at the national level; he’s even won a national championship while in graduate school. Additionally, Mike has had the honor of coaching two USPA National Champions.

Mike is well-versed in the world of fitness. He holds a Bachelor of Science in both Exercise Science and Biochemistry, as well as a Master of Science in Kinesiology, not to mention a plethora of lifting and personal training certs, noted below. Above all, Mike believes that life is movement! The iron never lies. It’s not controversial or subjective. You can either lift the weight, or you can’t. It’s all on you!

Degrees: B.S. Exercise Science, B.S. Biochemistry, M.S. Kinesiology

Certifications: CSCS, USAW L1 & L2, TSAC-F, USAPL